Jonathan Stockbridge


"Our truest response to the irrationality of the world is to paint or sing or write, for only in such response do we find truth" – Madeleine L'Engle

I am a visual artist, working in a variety of media, mostly within an educational setting. I graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 1993, in Fine Art and Ceramics.

What I learnt most from my degree was how much lies within the process of doing – so many joyful moments of discovery lie within each creative process! This realisation has led me to work within education for much of my art practice over the past twenty years. I firmly believe art to be a great nourishment to society.

My main field of expertise is running art workshops with children (from as young as 2 through to older teens), and then incorporating their artwork into permanent installations. This has mainly involved designing and installing mosaics, murals, cast aluminium plaques, carved totem poles & banners within schools. Also public art installations (e.g. sculptures in a PCT waiting room).

I also have extensive experience in conceptualising, planning, building and running large art installation events with thousands of participants (e.g. Manchester International Festival, Somerset House Free Time).

Recently I have been working with teenagers with behavioural difficulties in PRU's: running weekly art sessions designed to help them connect with their potential and build their self esteem.

Other experience: model-making, set design, float building, ceramic mould making, slip casting, 3D photography, puppet making, inset training for teachers, private art commissions, night club decorations. There aren't many materials I haven't or won't work with.

Through my 15 years of working with children, I have developed the skill of being able to tailor-make each and every project accordingly (in line with key stage development, the desired outcome, the environment, the individual personalities, etc). I strive for excellence – to exceed both the children's and their teachers' expectations of what they can achieve.

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